About library

Public library of Michal Rešetka in Trenčín is cultural, information and educational institution with its reference within the self-governing region of Trenčín. It performs the function of a town public library for city of Trenčín and hereby the function of regional library for territorial unit of Trenčín, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Bánovce nad Bebravou and Myjava districts. Within the self-governing region of Trenčín, library coordinates and guides with an advice others regional libraries, provides a roles connected with bibliographic registration and coordination of bibliographic activity, provides a roles connected with documentation of a state and development of the library-information services for public, through the library system. The founder of library is self-governing region of Trenčín.

Library fund of Public library of Michal Rešetka contains about 220 thousand bands of books and special documents (audiovisual, electronic), 280 titles of periodicals and regional documents.

Library is open 65 hours a week, its services offers daily except Sunday.

Besides basic and special library-information services we offer also the Internet access for public from 14 PC`s, we organize a lot of cultural and social undertakings, with point to introduce the literary mens and other important personalities of region of Trenčin to the general public. Further such activities are undertakings for children and youth and instructional trainings of basic skills of work with PC.

Library performs educational, information and cultural commission, insures free access to the information and it partakes of lifelong education of its users and visitors.

ISIL code: SK-6KACKA03708

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