Library rules - extract

For registration of foreign user of the library passport and residence permission is required.

If you do not have your passport and residence permission, you can not take any books with you. You can use the library's study room per one entry for 1 € fee or a library reading room per one entry for 0,50 € fee. Using of library's computers is paid extra according to our price list.

Citizen becomes a user of the library after his/her registration and issuance of a reader's ID card. By signing the registration form, user agrees to follow the library rules.

The annual registration fee is 5 € for adults. The annual registration fee for pensioners, students is 3 €. The annual registration fee for children under 15 is 2 €. Owners of card for disabled persons are free of charge.

The reader's ID card is not transferable, and its possible loss should be immediately announced to the library. For publishing a duplicate of reader's ID card, user has to pay an 2 € fee.

If the name or address of the registered user is changed, user is obligated to announce such a change to the library.

An entry to the library is allowed only with a valid reader's ID card.

Before entering the library area, registered users are obligated to leave their coats, bags, etc. in the dressing room.

Written or verbal complains, announcements, or suggestions about the Public Library of Michal Rešetka are taken by the director or by the heads of individual library departments.

The library decides on the way how publications and documents are lent.

It is possible to borrow maximally 15 books.

If the asked book is borrowed, users may request to reserve the book for a fee of 0,50 €.

The term of a loan is 30 days. It is possible to extend this term two times, as long as there is not another reader asking for the book.

A reader is required to pay the stated fine after overrunning the term of a loan. The first overdue notice fine is 2 €, the second 3 €, the third 4 € and the fourth overdue notice fine is 8 €.

A user is required to announce a lent book loss and substitute the loss to the Library. The library decides on an adequate substitute. The handling fee is 2 €.

The user that breaks the library policy may be dismissed of using the services of the library.